The Last River and Gamekeeper is a 501 c (3) Nonprofit Environmental Organization

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When there is no one left to fight for the waters and lands of this earth who will you call? Who will you blame? You are the only one with the power to do something!  Each of you is THE LAST RIVERKEEPER and THE LAST GAMEKEEPER!

Each of you is the steward of this earth. You must never give up the fight for the protection of this earth and the future of your children.


Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River is Dying!  Breaking Story!


Welcome to the Last River and Gamekeeper.  We are a nonprofit dedicated to the protection,Riverkeeper restoration, and monitoring of our lands and waters using the best science available.  Our organization includes fishermen, hunters, outdoorsmen, riverkeepers, gamekeepers, fishkeepers, naturalists, educators, and citizens who share our belief in the stewardship of the earth.  We are founded on the noble idea of riverkeepers and gamekeepers as applied to our modern society.  Our chief scientist, executive director, and professional riverkeeper is Eugene Macri. Mr. Macri is a nationally known aquatic and environmental scientist and outdoorsman. He is also a professional riverkeeper on a private stream which he uses as a test stream in aquatic studies.  He has worked on waters from East to the West.  The projects and studies of the Last River and Gamekeeper focus on local as well as national issues including AMD (acid mine drainage) and the Chesapeake Bay as well as pollution and the environment.

The Last River and Gamekeeper is a unique organization because it is run by scientists not bureaucrats. We actually do most of the studies necessary in order to protect, monitor, and restore the environment. Gene Macri has been working on a complete hierarchy of modern stream and river classification to replace the archaic and improper one used today.  The methods of study and analysis that Macri uses are available to other organizations.  Mr. Macri is available for seminars and lectures to your profit or nonprofit group with instruction on the best methods and techniques needed to accomplish your environmental challenges.  .  Please contact us if you are interested and in need of services to study or protect your waters and environment. We also do work in the pro bono arena for citizens groups and those who need our help in understanding permits,  environmental law, and regulatory agencies.  Feel free to contact us concerning our pro bono work.


The Last River and Gamekeeper


The Eastern Brook Trout Initiative

Eugene Macri, Executive Director and Chief Aquatic and Environmental Scientist of The Last River and Gamekeeper has announced the nonprofit organization has joined the Eastern Brook Trout Initiative program to aid in the protection and restoration of the brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis).

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